Journey in Life 1

I have been very busy the past months. Let me tell you my story that happened after my last blog post (April 22,2009). The last update I wrote was during our graduation practice, my filing for the application for Nursing Licensure Exam and having my schedule for the review center fixed. Those days are so stressful but it's not over yet. On 14th of April 2009, our review for the board exam started. On the 17th of April 2009, I had my clinical graduation (in the morning) as well as my Academic Graduation (in the afternoon). I have missed one session of our review because of our Graduation Day but it's ok (it's my DAY anyway!). And so the next days after the graduation, we resumed our review. Our review sessions were held at StarMall's Cinema Theater from April 14-May 21. We then transfered to SM Southmall for our Final Coaching from May 22 - June 4. It was so stressful because we were having the review for more than 9 hours a day (sometimes even 10 hours or more) plus we did not have any rest day. Add to that the pressure that we feel as the days get closer to the BIG DAY (BOARD EXAM). It means we had our review from April 14 - June 4 without any rest days. So prior to the board exam, we did different stuffs to increase our confidence in our board exam. I went to St. Jude known to be the church of the hopeless something... I forgot! Then a day prior to the board exam, I went to visit the assigned school where I took the exam. Then I went straight to home, I relaxed my self, prayed to God and surfed the neT! During those days, there's a typhoon in our country/region. The rain is heavy and there are thunders and lightnings. While I was on my computer, I heard a loud, freaky thunder with lightning. I saw a spark that came from my laptop to my hands! Due to that, I was forced to turn my laptop off improperly and then plug it out. So there, I slept early as part of my preparation for the board exam the next day. The next day while at the toilet, I feel like crying maybe because of some fear or excitement. I dont really know why. And so there, I prepared myself and went to the assigned school from where I'll be taking my exam. It is raining that moment. I hate rain. and so.. there.. The first day is not really good for me. I feel like I haven't answered the test correctly. (anxious). And then the second day, I did not feel any fear. Instead I feel so excited. and there.. I took the final two tests and forgot what happened next. I will think of it. So there, I'm waiting for the result of the exam...

Shop Cool Bags

For months I have been saving my allowance because I want to buy different stuffs that I will use for my review for our licensure exam in Nursing. I already saved enough money to buy new bag preferably a backpack because all my bags are body bags and some are worn out. We tried to do some window shopping but I did not see anything good to buy. I went home with nothing because I do not really like what they are selling there.

I went straight off to my laptop and browsed the internet to look for some cool bags after going home. I found the website of ShopWiki and saw lots of bags of different kinds with some buying guides included. I saw backpacks that I really want to have. I also saw some laptop bags that I can use when travelling. ShopWiki helped me find what I need.

don't lose the drive

Today, i had a very exhausting day because we've finished everything that's needed for the nursing licensure exam in a rush. We made sure that everything we need has been notarized, the spelling of our names, all the documents needed and a lot more. Plus our graduation practice, we have to get our invitation and toga. then we also have to fix our schedule in our review center. THIS IS REALLY A HELL WEEK FOR ME! Then i spent a thousand today and the next day i'll be spending thousands again. This is really so stressful. But i have to comply or else i will have a tough future. then my parents and my only sister is not supportive to all my efforts. I am really all by my self now and i have to prove them that I can make it without them. I know that i can do this, this is just a test and i am used to all the tests! tsss.. duh? hahahaha! ANYway, i need all your prayers, please pray for me that i will be able to achieve all my goals in life. it is almost over, i just have to take a very deep breath. and that's it...

Transform Windows XP to Windows VISTA

My obsession to the Mac OS interface is now over. Now I am more obsessed with the Windows Vista's Interface. I find their interface very cool to the eyes and something really new like the icons, the windows and start menu. I already installed different softwares that will make my XP turn into Vista but I don't like how it looks like that's why I uninstalled it and use my MAC-look-a-like software pack. But I want something new that's why i searched for FREEWARE that will truly make my XP transform into VISTA.

Now I will teach you guys how to make your old Windows XP transform into VISTA. This will be so easy, just download the following: (don't worry, it's a FREEWARE and I already inserted the links below on where you can download the freewares said)

1. Download BricoPack Vista Inspirat Ultimate 2 which includes the icons, windows, the dock and a lot more. (when i installed it, I chose the "TOTAL" change)
2. Then download the ViStart to have the start menu similar to that of VISTA.
3. If you want your windows borders become transparent like that of Vista, then download TrueTransparency.
4. If you want the Vista RainBar, then download it too.
5. You can also try Visual ToolTip that will create a thumbnail of your window.

That's it... After downloading it all, you will now have something like this:


I have been wishing to make money with my blog. Since my page rank already increased, i wish to earn money now with my blog. I have searched for so many sites that pay in exchange of making blog posts about their site, products or services. Right now I want to try Blogsvertise because i really need some extra cash on hand. It is easy to register, you just have to register your blog and wait for their approval. Once your blog is approved, you can now blog about their assigned tasks. They said that you don't need to advertise, instead you should make it like an ordinary blog about your daily living, just include the assigned link text. you will then send the review back to them for approval. Once approved, you will receive payments through your paypal after 30 days.

Dagenuine's First Page Rank

Dagenuine was created the 2nd of June last year 2008. It also had it's very first blog post entitled, "Welcome to the World of BLOGGING.." in the same date. Then in the month of July, Dagenuine suddenly stopped updating.(Maybe we are busy at that time.) Then Dagenuine posted 2 blog posts on August then after that.... Dagenuine slept for FOUR MONTHS without updating. A blog post was then made January of this year. Then February became so quiet again......

Dagenuine had re-launched the end of the month of March. It was called, the brighter Dagenuine. Why? because of the new look, a brighter look. Instead of a dark/black background of the site, I (Davy) suggested to have a brighter look of Dagenuine. It also had some changes in the font colors, added new widgets and new links with a lot more friends and posted more quality blog posts. It also registered to different blog sites that will increase Dagenuine's traffic. Visited hundreds of blog sites to do a daily blog walking and exchanged links with others. After all those hard works, Dagenuine was given a PageRank of TWO in Google's view of importance. Not bad for a beginner.

Now we are looking forward to make more quality blog posts, more links with friends, more traffic and make higher PageRank.

GOODLUCK to DAGENUINE! Happy Blogging!!!


Last January of this year, my Uncle gave me a gadget that will enable me to make a FREE CALL in U.S.. My dad is in U.S. and we only have our communication through the telephone. Anyway, how did we make these FREE CALLS? We just used the very useful device, MAGICJACK. This MagicJack will be very useful if ever you have love ones in U.S.. You just have to install it to your computer and then register. They will provide you your own telephone number and this number will be a number from U.S. depending on your state. Thus this will be like making local calls in U.S.. The magicJack will give you unlimited calls to U.S..

Cheap PS2 for SALE!!!


No one wants to work for an ARROGANT BOSS!
Bosses can be rude, insulting, hateful and worst of all, bossy. Dealing with an office bully is one thing but what happens if the bully is your boss? Argh! =l
It is important for employees to respect their employers but when things are taken to the extreme you need to stand your ground! You can run but you can't hide from this boss, they sniff you out, shoot you down and laugh as you stumble. Get out while you still can, all that this boss can give you is a kick in the shins.

remember take it easy and treat others the way in which you expect to be treated*

“Beauty is Ugly”
What is beauty to them may not be what beauty is for me.
- “May God give you eyes to see beauty only the heart can understand" -



Live well
Love much
LAUGH after

______________Take note…______________

Dagenuine Movie

A Movie Worth Watching For...

I'm just simply a fan of drew! Wink!

Men's Fashion: Weird or NOT?

Man wearing SKIRT
"Can other men be far behind?"

A Player For ALL

Sometimes I don't really use Windows Media Player. Why? because whenever I open different formats of videos or audios it won't play and made me really!!! ugh! hahaha! Then I surfed and searched for the best player that can play lots of formats of videos or audios. KMPlayer was founded. It is a great player because it can open lots of formats and is really better than Windows Media Player. And also, this is another GREAT FREEWARE that you can download. Download it here on the link that I provided: KMPlayer Download

FREE Dictionary on your LAPTOP

When we are doing our thesis, I had a hard time searching the dictionary for the meaning of the words that I am not really familiar. I thought of using the POWER of technology. I searched for free dictionary application and found the WordWeb. It is really useful in doing your paperworks or studies. You can download it here at the link provided: free WORDWEB dictionary download.

Dagenuine Fashion:

Sorry but for me,

"Never wear JEANS on JEANS"

(But if you feel like wearing it, then GO!)

Rocket Dock

The first time I saw the dock in the macbook, I was really amazed. The icons are so cool and my laptop doesn't really have those cool icons. I thought I would never have that dock until I accidentally found the answer to my wish, the ROCKETDOCK. It is a dock that can be used in your windows either XP or Vista. The best part of this application is that it is FREE. Are you excited? Try to download it on the link provided: ROCKETDOCK free download

Life is.....

i am happy but feels SO lonely
i am excited but also frustrated
i want to enjoy but i am busy
i want adventure but i want peace
i hate dark, i love light
i hate thinking but i am thinking
i hate reading and i am reading
i hate hot, i love cold
i want to see but cannot see
i want to hear but cannot hear
i want to feel but cannot feel
i want it true but can't find the truth
i want freedom but i am stuck
i want music but cant find the rhythm
i want nature i hate polluters!
i want to be a psychic but cant see the future
i want to run but where will i go?
i want to cry, i don't know why!
i am young but always feels tired
i want to lose weight but i love eating!
i love i love i love...
i think I'm crazy doing this post
so i better stop doing this sh*t.