Bring your WINDOWS to LIFE!

When I first bought my laptop, I was very happy! As in happy and I felt so excited whenever I turn it on. Maybe because it’s my first time to have my OWN laptop.. I’ll emphasize.. OWN laptop.. Im so happy coz ive been dreaming of this for so long!!! Anyway.. as time goes by… there… I get so tired and tired of seeing the same old windows.. then I saw my classmate’s macbook and I really liked it coz it is different and is not common to the eye.. Ive never tried macintosh! But one thing, it’s simply unique! At first, I only change my wallpapers whenever I get tired of my laptop’s looks.. until I made researches about changing themes.. if cellphones can change themes, what more with a laptop! Then I saw this video from youtube that really made my techie life in high spirits, again! Ahahhahaha! So.. I followed the instructions until I ended up with the NEW WINDOWS XP!

With this post, I will teach you on how to bring life to your Windows XP…
just follow the following steps..

Step1:Go to
Step2:Click the “Bricopacks” tab, then choose the pack that you like.. (I chose “crystalxp”)
Step3:follow the instructions on how to download it.
Step4:install the pack! (poof! U got a new Windows!)


Look at the BIG ICONS below the 2nd picture..! It is called a DOCK. Macintosh has a dock also.. And I think windows Vista has this also… so follow these instructions:

Step1: Go to
Step2: Click the “Gallery” tab.
Step3: Click the “Software” tab.
Step4: Search for the “ROCKETDOCK” software, download it!
Step5: Install it! And enjoy!!!!!


You can also try the YahOO! Widgets.. on or!

Fashion Tip: Dont Make These Fashion Mistakes

1. Wearing the Wrong Colors
To look your best wear clothing colors that will complement your skin. Wearing the wrong colors will make your skin appear sallow and lines and wrinkles will be more evident. The right colors will make you look more vibrant and healthy.
2. Wearing too much makeup
Too much makeup will make lines appear deeper and will create a harsh look. Keep makeup light for day and a little darker for evening. See a professional if you are unsure of makeup application techniques.
3. Wearing Clothes that are too small
Wearing clothes that fit too tightly will make you appear larger. Wearing clothes that do not suit your body type will make you appear larger. Buy clothes that suit your body type - not someone else's.
4. Chipped nail polish
The idea of nail polish is to make your nails appear nicer. Chipped polish just brings attention to poor grooming.
5. An old-fashioned hairstyle or messy hair
Your hairstyle creates a first impression. From your hairstyle people will assume your education level, status, age etc. This doesn't mean the judgments are correct - they happen instinctively. Make sure it doesn't happen to you. Visit your hairstylist regularly.
6. Messy Shoes or wrong shoes for your outfit
Take care of your shoes they complete your look. Also pay attention that your complement your outfit.
7. Roots that show
If you colour your hair make sure you keep it maintained regularly.
8. Bras and bra straps that show
When wearing sleeveless tops make sure you wear a racer back bra. Don't wear bras that fit too tightly or don't have good support.
9. Mismatched hose
Match your hose with your shoes or with your pants or skirt.
10. Wearing inappropriate clothes
When in a working environment make sure that your clothes are not flashy (unless you are in a creative field) do not wear short skirts, (more than 3 inches above the knee) sleeveless tops, plunging necklines, stilettos, too much jewelry, leather pants or skirts, or anything that shimmers.

Highschool Days --> " 45 Things to Remember" by Mikko Labilles

1. Return things to their original place.
2. When going out of the house, make sure to go back home before 6pm.
3. Wag sasabat sa mga nag-uusap, unless na lang pag kinausap ka nila.
4. Aral lang ng aral, forget berks, forget girls/boys, after mo mag-aral nandyan lang ang mga yan.
5. Don't overuse the electricity nor the waters, they are important factors in living.
6. Don't ever , ever lie.
7. After school, bahay agad.
8. Iwasan ang mga issue sa labas, pag napag-usapan nyo, you must make the first move, change the topic!
9. Wag abusuhin ang mga kaibigan.
10. Beware of KARMA.
11. Pag kumain ka, don't just leave your plates on the table, wala ka sa restaurant, wash it.
12. Wag kang magrerecord sa hindi mo tape, make sure that you have your own blank tape.
13. Don't ever, ever answer back your parents, pag di ka masapak!
14. Love others, especially yourself.
15. Learn to respect, pero pag-sumobra na lumayo ka na lang.
16. Don't let others walk over you, stand with your pride, however maintain your feet on the ground, baka mahulog ka.
17. Try and try, it's free.
18. Always think all your dreams, in everything you do, inspiration-cause.
19. Wag tatamarin maglaba, baka maubusan ka ng damit.
20. Always make your family proud.
21. Don't forget that you are the eldest sister/brother.. make him/her follow you no matter what.
22. Always appreciate the works of others as you appreciate yourself.
23. Pag mali ka, mali ka. pero...
24. Pag tama ka, fight for your right. Don't be afraid.
25. If somebody tells youa secret, big or small, keep it still as it is, unless na lang kung may dapat makaalam.
26. Move on with your life, wag kang susuko kahit anong mangyari, as long as you're breathing.
27. Don't forget self-confidence and self-esteem.
28. Don't do or try the bad things that you know is harmful.
29. Smile to everybody, wag kang magtataray dahil wala ka pang pagtatarayan.
30. If somebody says "hi" or "hello" to you, always respond.
31. Stay sweet as you are, as charming as you are, be transparent.
32. If somebody tells you good or bad things, say "Thank you".
33. Be thrifty.
34. Be what you are.
35. Be thankful of what you have, share it to others.
36. Wag kang magyayabang.
37. Wag mong pag-iisipan ng masama ang kapwa mo.
38. Pag magbabake ka or magluluto, make sure that you're going to wash everything or any utensils you'll use, katakawan mo kasi.
39. Maintain your weight, don't abuse your hunger. Control, don't eat!
40. Pag may assignment, try to do it. pag di mo alam, join the groups of student na gumagawa ng assignment.
41. Always clean your room, before you leave it.
42. Wag kang padadala sa galit, make your mind work.
43. Be careful on picking your friends, pwedeng makasira to sa mga hangarin mo sa buhay.
44. Always thank God for everyday, pasalamat ka...
45. Pag di mo na kaya, just breathe in.. Mawawala galit mo, OK?

ATTENTION: Computer Slowing Down.....!

I bought my laptop out of my frustration of having one. I didn't even think of its specifications that's really needed to know its performance level. I've told myself that i need a laptop that will help me do my paper works in school specially since we're gonna be having our thesis that time. At first i'm contented with its performance, though it's not that fast in starting up. It will take at least 5 minutes to see the start menu buttons to appear on the screen. Then as months passed by, my laptop loads slower and slower until i decided to make some actions. I made a research on how to reboot fast since it's one of my problem in my laptop. I will post one technique on PROBLEMS IN COMPUTER'S SLOWING DOWN!
First technique is the MSCONFIG method ... Your computer will be more faster than before in just "7 steps" :

MSCONFIG method - Computers are slowing down because of too much start up programs loading in your pc/laptop.

Step 1: click the "START" button
Step 2: click " RUN"
Step 3: type MSCONFIG, then press "OK". ( a new window will pop-up -
"System Ultility Configuration"
Step 4: click the "start up" tab
Step 5: disable all unnecessary start up items by unchecking the box beside it
Step 6: click "OK" , then either automatically or manually restart your computer.
Step 7: You're all done! It will surely work! Trust me!


I bought my laptop a year ago. Its brand is NEO and the unit is NEO Empriva 330SXei with the following specs:

Intel Celeron M (1.3Ghz)
40GB Hard Drive
CD ROM/Writer (combo)
VGA webcam
OS: WIndows XP Starter Edition
additional FEE for Microsoft Office and installation of drivers
with free CANON pixma printer and a laptop bag

The laptop costs P28,999 but I added additional P500 for the installation of drivers, antivirus, and microsoft office. I'm an impulsive person and during that time I'm really frustated in having my OWN laptop. I didn't thought about its specs, i just want to have my OWN laptop. Ofcourse I have to buy the cheap one since we're on budget! So i checked almost all the laptops in the malls. and there's so many! (Compaq.. DELL.. Sony VAiO.. and NEO) i chose NEO because it's the cheapest and I liked the specs and most of all, it has a FREE printer. It's been a year and my laptop is still working GOOD. I just upgraded the RAM for some reasons. Now NEO has lots of newly released units..VIVID..ELAN..TABLET..and ENDURA and EMPRIVA. Forget the expensive's just the brand that makes it expensive! don't be fooled... TRY NEO!

Welcome to the World of BLOGGING..

Finally...! This is it... This is really is it! Now I'm in the world of BLOGGING! After a year of playing online games, browsing stuffs of my interests, chatting with my friends through messenger and downloading cool stuffs for my notebook/laptop I finally decided to enter this world of blogging. I already have a blog in my friendster but i haven't updated it for a year or two. Maybe because... that time i'm a newbie and just using a dial-up connection. Bloggers surely will never survive using this kind of connection! trust me.. Now I'm using a faster connection (DSL) which made me an internet addict (but my knowledge in web stuffs are still limited). From 9am to 12mn I'm online except during my duty/school days. (I spend half of my day playing online games or downloading songs or laptop maintenance) At first I'm having a hard time using or creating a blog... and honestly i'm still not used into this.. May this blog be a succesful one. Ofcourse for that to happen, i will promise myself to publish atleast one post a day! (i hope i can!)ANYWAY... WELCOME TO MY BLOG!!!