Life is.....

i am happy but feels SO lonely
i am excited but also frustrated
i want to enjoy but i am busy
i want adventure but i want peace
i hate dark, i love light
i hate thinking but i am thinking
i hate reading and i am reading
i hate hot, i love cold
i want to see but cannot see
i want to hear but cannot hear
i want to feel but cannot feel
i want it true but can't find the truth
i want freedom but i am stuck
i want music but cant find the rhythm
i want nature i hate polluters!
i want to be a psychic but cant see the future
i want to run but where will i go?
i want to cry, i don't know why!
i am young but always feels tired
i want to lose weight but i love eating!
i love i love i love...
i think I'm crazy doing this post
so i better stop doing this sh*t.