Transform Windows XP to Windows VISTA

My obsession to the Mac OS interface is now over. Now I am more obsessed with the Windows Vista's Interface. I find their interface very cool to the eyes and something really new like the icons, the windows and start menu. I already installed different softwares that will make my XP turn into Vista but I don't like how it looks like that's why I uninstalled it and use my MAC-look-a-like software pack. But I want something new that's why i searched for FREEWARE that will truly make my XP transform into VISTA.

Now I will teach you guys how to make your old Windows XP transform into VISTA. This will be so easy, just download the following: (don't worry, it's a FREEWARE and I already inserted the links below on where you can download the freewares said)

1. Download BricoPack Vista Inspirat Ultimate 2 which includes the icons, windows, the dock and a lot more. (when i installed it, I chose the "TOTAL" change)
2. Then download the ViStart to have the start menu similar to that of VISTA.
3. If you want your windows borders become transparent like that of Vista, then download TrueTransparency.
4. If you want the Vista RainBar, then download it too.
5. You can also try Visual ToolTip that will create a thumbnail of your window.

That's it... After downloading it all, you will now have something like this:


aghielz said...

keren bos...langsung donlot aj nie??????

alotstuff said...

nice blog and have lots of stuff here.....

Nova said...

ijin nyimak ya gan.. artikelnya bagus banget.. thanks gan

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