Dagenuine's First Page Rank

Dagenuine was created the 2nd of June last year 2008. It also had it's very first blog post entitled, "Welcome to the World of BLOGGING.." in the same date. Then in the month of July, Dagenuine suddenly stopped updating.(Maybe we are busy at that time.) Then Dagenuine posted 2 blog posts on August then after that.... Dagenuine slept for FOUR MONTHS without updating. A blog post was then made January of this year. Then February became so quiet again......

Dagenuine had re-launched the end of the month of March. It was called, the brighter Dagenuine. Why? because of the new look, a brighter look. Instead of a dark/black background of the site, I (Davy) suggested to have a brighter look of Dagenuine. It also had some changes in the font colors, added new widgets and new links with a lot more friends and posted more quality blog posts. It also registered to different blog sites that will increase Dagenuine's traffic. Visited hundreds of blog sites to do a daily blog walking and exchanged links with others. After all those hard works, Dagenuine was given a PageRank of TWO in Google's view of importance. Not bad for a beginner.

Now we are looking forward to make more quality blog posts, more links with friends, more traffic and make higher PageRank.

GOODLUCK to DAGENUINE! Happy Blogging!!!


unidede.com said...

Good luck with your blog..
My bog's PR is still 0 :-D
still working on it.. wish me luck too ;-)