Dagenuine Movie

A Movie Worth Watching For...

I'm just simply a fan of drew! Wink!

Men's Fashion: Weird or NOT?

Man wearing SKIRT
"Can other men be far behind?"

A Player For ALL

Sometimes I don't really use Windows Media Player. Why? because whenever I open different formats of videos or audios it won't play and made me really!!! ugh! hahaha! Then I surfed and searched for the best player that can play lots of formats of videos or audios. KMPlayer was founded. It is a great player because it can open lots of formats and is really better than Windows Media Player. And also, this is another GREAT FREEWARE that you can download. Download it here on the link that I provided: KMPlayer Download

FREE Dictionary on your LAPTOP

When we are doing our thesis, I had a hard time searching the dictionary for the meaning of the words that I am not really familiar. I thought of using the POWER of technology. I searched for free dictionary application and found the WordWeb. It is really useful in doing your paperworks or studies. You can download it here at the link provided: free WORDWEB dictionary download.

Dagenuine Fashion:

Sorry but for me,

"Never wear JEANS on JEANS"

(But if you feel like wearing it, then GO!)

Rocket Dock

The first time I saw the dock in the macbook, I was really amazed. The icons are so cool and my laptop doesn't really have those cool icons. I thought I would never have that dock until I accidentally found the answer to my wish, the ROCKETDOCK. It is a dock that can be used in your windows either XP or Vista. The best part of this application is that it is FREE. Are you excited? Try to download it on the link provided: ROCKETDOCK free download