No one wants to work for an ARROGANT BOSS!
Bosses can be rude, insulting, hateful and worst of all, bossy. Dealing with an office bully is one thing but what happens if the bully is your boss? Argh! =l
It is important for employees to respect their employers but when things are taken to the extreme you need to stand your ground! You can run but you can't hide from this boss, they sniff you out, shoot you down and laugh as you stumble. Get out while you still can, all that this boss can give you is a kick in the shins.

remember take it easy and treat others the way in which you expect to be treated*

“Beauty is Ugly”
What is beauty to them may not be what beauty is for me.
- “May God give you eyes to see beauty only the heart can understand" -



Live well
Love much
LAUGH after

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