Bring your WINDOWS to LIFE!

When I first bought my laptop, I was very happy! As in happy and I felt so excited whenever I turn it on. Maybe because it’s my first time to have my OWN laptop.. I’ll emphasize.. OWN laptop.. Im so happy coz ive been dreaming of this for so long!!! Anyway.. as time goes by… there… I get so tired and tired of seeing the same old windows.. then I saw my classmate’s macbook and I really liked it coz it is different and is not common to the eye.. Ive never tried macintosh! But one thing, it’s simply unique! At first, I only change my wallpapers whenever I get tired of my laptop’s looks.. until I made researches about changing themes.. if cellphones can change themes, what more with a laptop! Then I saw this video from youtube that really made my techie life in high spirits, again! Ahahhahaha! So.. I followed the instructions until I ended up with the NEW WINDOWS XP!

With this post, I will teach you on how to bring life to your Windows XP…
just follow the following steps..

Step1:Go to
Step2:Click the “Bricopacks” tab, then choose the pack that you like.. (I chose “crystalxp”)
Step3:follow the instructions on how to download it.
Step4:install the pack! (poof! U got a new Windows!)


Look at the BIG ICONS below the 2nd picture..! It is called a DOCK. Macintosh has a dock also.. And I think windows Vista has this also… so follow these instructions:

Step1: Go to
Step2: Click the “Gallery” tab.
Step3: Click the “Software” tab.
Step4: Search for the “ROCKETDOCK” software, download it!
Step5: Install it! And enjoy!!!!!


You can also try the YahOO! Widgets.. on or!


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