I bought my laptop a year ago. Its brand is NEO and the unit is NEO Empriva 330SXei with the following specs:

Intel Celeron M (1.3Ghz)
40GB Hard Drive
CD ROM/Writer (combo)
VGA webcam
OS: WIndows XP Starter Edition
additional FEE for Microsoft Office and installation of drivers
with free CANON pixma printer and a laptop bag

The laptop costs P28,999 but I added additional P500 for the installation of drivers, antivirus, and microsoft office. I'm an impulsive person and during that time I'm really frustated in having my OWN laptop. I didn't thought about its specs, i just want to have my OWN laptop. Ofcourse I have to buy the cheap one since we're on budget! So i checked almost all the laptops in the malls. and there's so many! (Compaq.. DELL.. Sony VAiO.. and NEO) i chose NEO because it's the cheapest and I liked the specs and most of all, it has a FREE printer. It's been a year and my laptop is still working GOOD. I just upgraded the RAM for some reasons. Now NEO has lots of newly released units..VIVID..ELAN..TABLET..and ENDURA and EMPRIVA. Forget the expensive's just the brand that makes it expensive! don't be fooled... TRY NEO!