Welcome to the World of BLOGGING..

Finally...! This is it... This is really is it! Now I'm in the world of BLOGGING! After a year of playing online games, browsing stuffs of my interests, chatting with my friends through messenger and downloading cool stuffs for my notebook/laptop I finally decided to enter this world of blogging. I already have a blog in my friendster but i haven't updated it for a year or two. Maybe because... that time i'm a newbie and just using a dial-up connection. Bloggers surely will never survive using this kind of connection! trust me.. Now I'm using a faster connection (DSL) which made me an internet addict (but my knowledge in web stuffs are still limited). From 9am to 12mn I'm online except during my duty/school days. (I spend half of my day playing online games or downloading songs or laptop maintenance) At first I'm having a hard time using or creating a blog... and honestly i'm still not used into this.. May this blog be a succesful one. Ofcourse for that to happen, i will promise myself to publish atleast one post a day! (i hope i can!)ANYWAY... WELCOME TO MY BLOG!!!