ATTENTION: Computer Slowing Down.....!

I bought my laptop out of my frustration of having one. I didn't even think of its specifications that's really needed to know its performance level. I've told myself that i need a laptop that will help me do my paper works in school specially since we're gonna be having our thesis that time. At first i'm contented with its performance, though it's not that fast in starting up. It will take at least 5 minutes to see the start menu buttons to appear on the screen. Then as months passed by, my laptop loads slower and slower until i decided to make some actions. I made a research on how to reboot fast since it's one of my problem in my laptop. I will post one technique on PROBLEMS IN COMPUTER'S SLOWING DOWN!
First technique is the MSCONFIG method ... Your computer will be more faster than before in just "7 steps" :

MSCONFIG method - Computers are slowing down because of too much start up programs loading in your pc/laptop.

Step 1: click the "START" button
Step 2: click " RUN"
Step 3: type MSCONFIG, then press "OK". ( a new window will pop-up -
"System Ultility Configuration"
Step 4: click the "start up" tab
Step 5: disable all unnecessary start up items by unchecking the box beside it
Step 6: click "OK" , then either automatically or manually restart your computer.
Step 7: You're all done! It will surely work! Trust me!