It's been centuries! hahaha!!! I've been busy the past "centuries" coz lot's of things happened... First... We had our defense for our thesis and UNFORTUNATELY our thesis was REJECTED and we need to do a re-implementation and make countless revisions from chapters 1 to 5..(it's like we're making a new thesis). We had and will still be having our meeting during our break time and it sucks! that's to be honest. Sorry groupmates. Well.. That' the bad news...

Now the good news... My sister, Jeddah Sonza, PASSED the BOARD EXAM for NURSING and now she is a Professional Nurse. We can make it (Jeddah Sonza, RN). By the way, my sister is the editor of the layout of this blog and she also create some post/s. CONGRATULATE her. Now she has a work and she's a bit busy so expect more about TECHIE stuffs that i will post..

and currently...
I'm preparing for our thesis defense and for the upcoming MIDTERM exam next week. So i'll be back after a week again. Sorry guys... I'll do my rounds next week! promise!!! :)


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